Oil and gas geomechanics applications have been OFG’s main activity since the nineties to-date. We started working in large operators (Phillips and Conoco-Phillips for Neal and PDVSA for Marisela), in which our geomechanics duties did not have a specific technical home. We both started in reservoir engineering groups in our respective companies and later transitioned to drilling and completions. Marisela then was part of a matrix organization in which geomechanics gave services to different groups. As a result, OFG has experience and exposure to the full-range of oilfield geomechanics applications and this is reflected in our services today.   

Near Wellbore

Pore Pressure Prediction:  Evaluations from seismic, well log and/or drilling data.

Wellbore Stability Evaluations: Mudweight program and casing design support per well trajectory; deep water wells and HPHT.

Sand Production: Analytical and semi-empirical methods; numerical analysis of perforation stability; field assessment and remedies.

Solids and Cuttings Reinjection: Injection design and analysis for shale or high perm formations.

Reservoir Scale

Cap Rock Integrity: Injection pressure and volumes for gas storage in depleted reservoirs,  water injection for pressure maintenance.

Fault Stability / Seismic Activity:  Injection/depletion close to faults; hydrocarbon leakage, triggered/induced seismicity. 

Reservoir Compaction/ Subsidence: Reservoir compaction evaluations; subsidence predictions; casing deformation evaluations; overburden frac gradient changes.

Integrated Characterization for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Multidisciplinary integration to include the behavior of fractures under stress changes. 


Unconventionals have been a key focus of OFG projects in the last 10 years, with projects in most of the plays in the North and South America. The OFG geomechanics approach for Unconventionals can be found here.

Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization: Including resource geomechanical characterization,  evaluation of microseismic and other monitoring, operational parameters effects, multi well/parent-child, frac hits.

Casing Deformation and Frac Hits in Unconventionals: Slippage along the rock fabric is the main mechanism and the analysis, modeling and field solutions are what we offer.  Frac Hits involve unexpected pressure communication between wells, the mechanisms are evaluated.