OilField Geomechanics (OFG) is an industry-leading, woman-owned consulting firm. We provide state-of-the-art geomechanics support in a timely and cost-effective manner, while honoring our client’s commitment to safety, health and environmental protection.

  • Neal & Marisela Nagel - OFGOilfield Geomechanics was founded by Neal Nagel and Marisela Sanchez-Nagel (CV’s) in April 2014 and is a woman-owned company. OFG is just us, Neal and Mari. We have been married since 2009 and have a combined family of six children and five grandkids (all boys). After extensive careers in the industry – Neal with Phillips and then ConocoPhillips and Marisela with PDVSA – we ventured to work for service companies (GMI and Itasca) until we decided to open our own consulting company and work for ourselves from our home office in Richmond, Texas.
  • Neal and Marisela are both mining engineers, by education through undergraduate and Master’s and PhD degrees, and have extensive industry practice in diverse geomechanics applications in Oil and Gas and Mining Engineering.
  • We work together nicely as we complement each other very well (with only occasional disagreements!) while working on engineering projects. Neal serves as the Chief Engineer and is responsible for the engineering quality of our products and Marisela serves as company President, performing engineering duties while also reaching out to potential clients and partners for integrated projects.

OilField Geomechanics Office
A little messy but this is where “all the magic” happens.

In order to provide fit-for-purpose geomechanics expertise for our clients, we can assist in various capacities as needed:

  • Acting as independent advisors;
  • Serving as a team member as part of a project team; or
  • Delivering turn-key projects from scoping to final report

When you tackle difficult geomechanics challenges, whether for conventional or unconventional plays, underground storage, or solution mining operations, OFG can provide the level of support you need as you need it.

We have chosen to keep OFG small and simple and with low overhead, but when we need to tackle big, integrated projects, we team up with other companies, small or large, to offer the solutions our clients need and deserve.

More about us

Many of our kids and their spouses are involved in the oil and gas business. Our oldest son, Matt, is a drilling engineer with ConocoPhillips in Alaska, our middle daughter, Kristin, is a planning engineer with OXY in Houston, Kristin’s husband, Robert, is a drilling supervisor with ConocoPhillips, and our youngest son, Jon, is an energy engineer with Plains Pipeline in Houston.

Not only do the larger family gatherings center around the latest goings on in the oil patch, but Neal loves to mention the kids in his notes, videos and training!

Not too long ago, when we solicited advice on a presentation we were giving, our second grandson, Noah, overheard and refused to go to bed until he had reviewed and approved the presentation. This kid has great potential!

Our other kids are more artistic and span areas of interest from human resources to Improv, theater and comedy, art therapy psychology and dog training.

Marisela & Neal Nagel with family
Marisela & Neal Nagel with family
A great joy in our life is spending time with our grandkids, one more boy on the way…
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