With extensive industry experience, OFG can serve as your independent third party advisor, or part of a project team, providing the geomechanics expertise needed to tackle challenges from exploration to abandonment – whether for conventional or unconventional developments. This includes the assessment of geomechanical issues, geomechanics advising, 3rd party reviews of geomechanics work and proposals, and rock mechanics lab support.

OilField Geomechanics

  • 1D Geomechanical Model

    • Generation of stress, pressure and mechanical properties profiles along a wellbore
    • Drilling Event Analyses
    • Image log analysis
    • Integration along the field/compartments

  • 3D Seismic Pore Pressure Cube

    • Pore pressure prediction from logs
    • Pore pressure cubes

    • Mudweight program and casing design support
    • Mudweight window development per well trajectory
    • QRA

    Borehole Stability Mud Weights Plots

  • Conventional Hydraulic Fracturing Concept

    • Conventional HF Design and Evaluation
      • HF Quality Control
      • Post-frac Analyses
      • HF design and economical optimization – NPV

  • Sand Production Perforation Model

    • Empirical analysis
    • Numerical analysis of TWC
    • Numerical analysis of perforations
    • Field assessment of sand production potential and remedies

    • Injection Design
    • Injection Analyses

    Cutting Reinjection Pressure Evaluation