With extensive industry experience, OFG can serve as your independent third party advisor, or part of a project team, providing the geomechanics expertise needed to tackle challenges from exploration to abandonment – whether for conventional or unconventional developments. This includes the assessment of geomechanical issues, geomechanics advising, 3rd party reviews of geomechanics work and proposals, and rock mechanics lab support.

Fracking Operation – OilField Geomechanics

  • 3D Geomechanical Model Visualization of Faults

    • Complex mesh construction including horizons and geological structures(faults/salt domes)
    • Population with geostatistical, log and seismic data
    • Distribution of stresses, mechanical properties, pore pressure in the volume for the geomodel.
    • Role and modeling of natural fractures in the reservoir

  • Wellbore Failures Due to Compaction Subsidence

    • Reservoir compaction evaluations – simple and complex models
    • Subsidence predictions
    • Casing Deformation evaluations
    • Overburden frac gradient changes

    • One way coupling – iterative coupling with reservoir simulators and 3D geomechanical models.

    Coupled Models Link Between Geomechanics and Flow Model

  • Fault Seal Analysis Stress Along Faults

    • Analytical critical stress analysis
    • Coupled fluid flow and failure analysis
    • Maximum injection pressure analysis

  • Salt Geomechanics Stress Concentrations

    • Salt constitutive models
    • Drilling aspects
    • Stress field aspects
    • Numerical analysis

    • Integrated seismic, geological, petrophysical, DFN, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering evaluations for well location and reservoir development.
    • Coupled flow and deformation of natural fractures
    Integrated Fractured Reservoir Analysis